Our Programs

A Nice Hot Meal 0001            

This program distributes hot meals to individuals living in the outdoors – the homeless. In most cities there are specific locations where homeless individuals gather or sleep. Help the Needy will provide food services to those individuals.


Clothing’s to keep me warm 0002            

This program distributes warm clothing’s to homeless individuals. Clothing distributions may take place in cooperation with other organizations.


Help our veteran's 0003            

Help our Veteran's program provides multiple services to our Veterans including food, clothing and housing referral services. Future additional free services will include resume preparation, online training classes geared toward certain industries. The Online Training classes are conducted by volunteers.

Education is important 0004

Adult Literacy Services and youth literacy services are provided. This area of services also help people prepare for the GED. Free Tutoring in reading, math and comprehension is available.


A child’s health 0005

This program help meet a child's medical expenses by donating to help offset the cost of needed medical services. We sponsor with other medical service providers.  


Neighborhood Out Reach 0006

Annual giveaway’s in the neighborhoods at Christmas, School startup and Thanksgiving:

Christmas – Turkeys

School Startup – School supplies

Thanksgiving - Turkeys