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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage
Image by Leroy Skalstad



Help the Needy Organization support Veterans by offering supporting services and access to veterans-specific information and resources.

We help bring independence back to our nation’s most deserving population - Our Veterans.

Our service organization offers a variety of programs, services and events for veterans.

In Chicago, approximately 1,000 Veterans are homeless on any given night. Over 25% of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are showing acute symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – a significant factor in the high rate of homelessness for Veterans.

Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are appearing in the homeless population.  Each year over 600 Veterans need help to find real solutions to life’s challenges and create stability in a previously chaotic life.


Our support education programs help Veterans consider new options in earning a living and offers emotional and religious support in helping them reclaim their lives  and discover their full potential and achieve their dreams.  

We are a team of volunteers that work to help connect Veteran with the services we have to offer.  Our Veterans Services volunteers work to understand the unique challenges faced by veterans. We offer various services that help may include housing referral assistance, free clothing, food, connection to external veterans services organizations, free online educational services to promote your well-being and success.

Image by Patrick Hendry

To take advantage of our food and housing services, complete the Veteran Services Request form. Take advantage of our education services and signup for these free classes at The HTN Learning Center.

Image by Karsten Winegeart


In an effort to help Veterans and others gain beneficial knowledge, we established the HTN Learning Center, where free online classes are offered in various subject areas. Online classes
are taught by professionals and college-educated volunteers. Video versions of each class will be available for viewing at your convenience. 
Classes can be taken at any computer at any time; at home or the public library. These web based classes do not require any special hardware or software.   


Select from the class list below. Class schedule and times will be sent to your email address. To register, click the class title and complete the registration packet. The link to access the course material will be sent to your email address days before the class is scheduled to start.


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