Volunteer ServiceS we need your help



Thank you for choosing to become a volunteer. In today's busy world, we realize how precious time has become for us all, and so it touches our hearts when friends, family and/or strangers sign up to help us out. By filling out the short form below, you will help us find a special place to utilize your talents.


You are a gift and we are thankful for people such as yourselves, who find it in their hearts to invest their precious time to help others.

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1. Answer telephone:
In office; answer calls that come into the local office

2. Input data into computer: 
Can work from home, for email mailing lists,
contact list information, other keying data 

3. Compile email listings:
Work from home

4. Accept donations into local office:
When clothing or food items are brought into local office, accept items and place into appropriate shelving areas

5. Assemble food packs:
We prepare lunch/dinner food packs for the homeless living on the streets in certain cities

6. Assemble donations:
Perform cost estimations on donated items, hang items for final distribution

7. Social Media Marketing:
Can work from Home Assist with web-based campaigns

8. Distribute marketing aids 

9. Inventory donations:
Assemble donations at local Help The Needy stores




Thanks for submitting!