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Volunteer ServiceS        we need your help



Thank you for choosing to become a volunteer. In today's busy world, we realize how precious time has become for us all, and so it touches our hearts when friends, family and/or strangers sign up to help us out. By filling out the short form below, you will help us find a special place to utilize your talents.


You are a gift and we are thankful for people such as yourselves, who find it in their hearts to invest their precious time to help others. Set your own days and hours, work from your home or on site, volunteer when you can. Thank you for caring!

Let's Get Started:

Easy steps to get started as a HTNO Volunteer:

2.  We Recognize Your contributions:
       Volunteers do not get paid, but we do recognize your achievements
      thorough awards and incentives for your hours of volunteer work,
      and offer volunteers first dibs at employment opportunities***.

3. A HTNO representative will contact you shortly;
    Welcome to volunteering!

Already Signed Up and ready to do volunteer work?

1. If you received your Orientation Letter, containing User Id and Password  

Click Join Us, to start volunteering:

*** Upcoming opportunities are presented to volunteers before they are listed to the public.

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