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Cassie Lewis, Chair
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Cassie is president of United Affiliated Services (UAS). She is responsible for management of Information Systems client services, firm marketing and communications, managing and execution of business operations, and internal operations of the company.  Cassie is also a member of UAS Security Committee and serves as the firm’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Prior to joining UAS, Cassie was a System Consultant providing computer consulting services to various corporations including Blue Cross of Illinois, Blue Cross Association, CNA, FMC Corporation, Pullman Incorporated, Federal government Contractor/consultant, Veteran Health Administration, Veteran Affairs, State of Illinois and Chase Bank, where she designed and implemented systems solutions in the health care, consumer products, financial services, and technology industries. Cassie has been a longtime advocate for women and girls and the homeless. Cassie is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She received a BS degree in Information Systems and Business management.  She is fluent in English. Cassie joined HTN’s board in 2016.

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Joyce Carson, was in the United States Navy for 15 years.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education.

She is currently a licensed childcare provider in Chicago, Illinois. Joyce brings her broad business experience and knowledge to the HTNO board. She is fluent in the English language. Joyce joined HTN’s board in 2019.

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Lora is owner of It’s A Kruise Konnektion, a cruise-only travel agency. She is formerly an employee of the Chicago Urban League, Keck, Mahin & Cate law firm, Community Mental Health Council, and Sertoma Centre. Lora has a B.A. in Behavioral Science and a M.S. in Human Resources Management & Development from National-Louis University, and a Paralegal Certificate from Roosevelt University. While at the Chicago Urban League, Lora was Office Manager and Board Secretary for the Computer Training Center. Additionally, Lora has worked as a legal secretary and paralegal. Lora most recently worked to provide services to individuals in the areas of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, as well as mental illness. Ultimately, Lora’s greatest desire is to be of service and show love to God’s children.

A founder and principal of Bridgeway United Loans, a financial services company, Ms. Cann has served on the boards of Grace United Church, the United Services AIDS Foundation and United Social Services of North America, and has been chairperson of the HTNO Audit committee since 2017. Darice holds a BS degree in Finance.

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JHansen Scott is a former director at All Nations Bank - Nigeria. As a senior manager, Scott oversaw the Bank’s efforts to help Latin American and Caribbean countries reduce poverty and inequality by financing sustainable development in the region.
As director he particularly focused on furthering the banks emphasis on results
and improving access and availability of these results as a way to bring the Bank’s achievements to a larger audience and strengthen the case for development.
Previously, he served as General Manager of the Multilateral Investment Fund,
which provides grants that support private sector-led development benefiting
the poor. Earlier in his career, Scott was a co-founder of Latham, Byorum & Partners,
an investment bank focused on Latin America.

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