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We are a Charity organization providing services to the homeless, the hungry, Veterans and children's health. Join us in this fight!

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20 Million Children go without food each day!

You can make a difference. Open the Door to giving and caring. Help stop this tide. Make a donation and/or volunteer your time to help the life of our precious little ones. Help feed a child. Save a family. Save a Life. Join us in this cause.

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Hunger and Homelessness are two tragedies families face each day. everyone has the capacity to share in the global fight against hunger and poverty, so today, Share Our mission and help make a Hungry kid in America a thing of the past. Volunteer or make a donation.

Join Us in this FIGHT
You can make a difference!

Our Programs:

**All program operations administered based upon availability of funding.

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Take the time to save a child, save a family or help a Veteran.

Just a few hours a year can make a difference in some ones life.

show you care!

Volunteers can work from Home!

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