Volunteer Services where we need your help:

1. Answer telephone:
        In office; answer calls that come into the local office
2. Input data into computer: 
        Can work from home, for email mailing lists,
        contact list information, other keying data 
3. Compile email listings:
        Work from home,
4. Accept donations into local office:
        When clothing or food items are brought into local office,
        accept items and place into appropriate shelving areas
5. Assemble food packs:
        We prepare lunch/dinner food packs for the homeless living
        on the streets in certain cities
6. Assemble donations:
        Perform cost estimations on donated items, hang items
        for final distribution 
7. Social Media Marketing:
        Can work from Home
        Assist with web based campaigns
8. Distribute marketing aids        
9. Inventory donations:
       Assemble donations at local Help The Needy stores

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