Englewood Food Pantry

HTNO operates the Englewood Food Pantry; a weekly Food Pantry Food Pantry; Hours: Tuesday 8:30pm - 7:30pm. The second Saturday of the month 9:30 am - until supply's are all gone. 
Location:  Provided when we receive your email; we schedule your pickup time and location; we use a distribution Network of volunteers. Sign Up by completing this Request for Service form, the attendant nearest your location will email you with the pickup location and time; when you arrive the attendant will bring the food to your car. 


Englewood Food Pantry serves the southside Chicago Englewood

district and any needy family's in the Chicago land area. The Englewood Food Pantry will serves as a source of free healthy and nutritious food in the neighborhood, and provide other critical resources. Help the Needy Organization mission is to directly serve local residents who suffer from hunger and food insecurity within a specified area.





The HTNO Nice Hot Meal program: We prepare and distribute a warm healthy meal to people living outdoors under the viaducts and bridges, those living on the streets, any homeless individual. It's hard to prepare food for yourself or family when you don't have a place to live.

Nice Hot Meal Program

We purchase a specially prepared nutritious hot meal, add a healthy fruit and a small carb and deliver a "Nice hot meal" to the people living under the viaduct, and any homeless individual; several times a month. The entire hot meal is then packaged and delivered to those in need living outdoors and particularly under the viaduct and in tents.


We strive to improve reading skill levels among Adults and English as a second language skills.

Empowering Americans with the English they need to Achieve their Dreams; Scalable, accessible adult English language instruction that improves educational & employment outcomes, career advancement, self-sufficiency, and civic participation, learn the English language, 1 on 1 and classroom instructions.


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