In an effort to help Veterans and others gain beneficial knowledge, we established the HTN Learning Center, where free online classes are offered in various subject areas. Online classes
are taught by professionals and college educated volunteers. Video versions of each class will be available for viewing at your convenience. 
Classes can be taken at any computer at any time; at home or the public library. These web based classes do not require any special hardware or software.   

Select from the class list below. Class schedule and times will be sent to your email address. To register, click the class title and complete the registration packet. The link to access the course material will be sent to your email address days before the class is scheduled to start.


Ways to Make Money in a tough Economy (Legal Ways) (CL100)

Tell people how they can still build a healthy future by earning wages in alternate ways then some traditional.

Skills In Demand you can learn for free (CL104)

Some technical skills are in demand and only require a certificate. Learn some of these as a way to grow your current income or get you back in the market.

Start up Businesses with Little or No Money (CL120)

Many businesses start from home simply with an idea. Learn some ways your new business might get started.

Reach out and Touch Someone  (CL106)

With each new experience we grow in knowledge and endurance. Every thing in the universe is connected. Your daily experiences occur for a reason and each experience teaches you something new. With each new experience we grow in knowledge and endurance. 

Hidden Treasures - Things about me that Make me Special. (CL110)

We are all special and created so. Lets explore those talents, habits and ways that make you special. 

You are Special. (CL114)

You are Special: Each and one of us are special to ourselves, our family, our love ones, and especially to God. We are all Gods children. Explore your special ways, special talents, habits that make each of us special and unique.

Give Veterans a new start - Get funding for Your Business startup  (CL125)

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