Whether it’s empty cupboards for a hurting family or individual drought-stricken communities fighting famine in Africa, hunger is a very real enemy for so many worldwide. Children are especially at risk, as hunger can lead to sickness, malnutrition and even death. In the U.S., Help the Needy Organization delivers food to local pantries and partnering organizations. These services  provide hunger relief by supporting nutritional feeding programs in schools, seed banks for families facing hunger and communities. Hunger relief is one of the core program operations blessing families around the world rise up out of critical situations in several ways.  


The nationwide network of food banks provides more than 3.6 billion meals to many communities in the United States through food pantries and meal programs. Help the Needy Organization is taking part in these efforts.

Founded nearly 10 years ago with the belief that everyone has an obligation to share in the fight against hunger and poverty, today, we stride in the fight on eliminating hungry a reality in America. Because families at risk of hunger need access to food and the skills to make healthy meals with their resources, nutrition education is a key part of the "A Nice Hot Meal" campaign.
Through its efforts by food distribution to food networks and individual hot meals to local individuals. 

Our "A Nice Hot Meal" program has a stated mission is: "to walk among those in need of food and  aid in alleviating human suffering, helping one person at a time".  The need for this service is self evident by the many homeless and hungry who call the underlying bridges and viaducts their
home in many major cities.
















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