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Volunteer and save a life

Thank you for choosing to become a volunteer. In today's busy world, we realize how precious time has become for us all, and so it touches our hearts when friends, family and/or strangers sign up to help us out. By filling out the short form below, you will help us find a special place to utilize your talents.


You are a gift and we are thankful for people such as yourselves, who find it in their hearts to invest their precious time to help others.

Complete the form below then click SEND. A representative will contact you.


Volunteers can work from home!

Sign up to volunteer for just 2 Hours a month.
            You will help save someones' life.

Complete the form below, click SEND and a representative will contact you - thanks for caring!

We need volunteers to assist us in completing these tasks. Many tasks can be done from home.

1. Input data into computer, keying data, create
    contact lists, etc.

You can perform from your Home!

2. Assemble food packs:
    We assemble and deliver lunch/dinner food
    packs for the homeless living on the local
    streets and under viaducts.

3. Inventory Help: Here you place donated clothes

    onto hangers.  

4. Share our Mission / Spread the word: 
    Assist with email campaigns and contacting

You can perform from your Home!

5. Help people with reading and writing skills.  

6. Provide classroom instructions online

You can perform from your Home!

7. Help hand the food to a needy person.  

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